Trying to Rebuild Your Life After a House Fire?

Get house fire recovery resources in Texarkana, AR

House fires are devastating, but when you're living under the poverty line, they're catastrophic. Instead of doing without, get trustworthy house fire recovery resources from Hands of Compassion. With donated items from gracious sponsors, we'll help you rebuild your life.We can help to supply washer/dryers or microwaves based on the funds avilable to assist. 


Contact our team today to learn more about our house fire recovery initiative in Texarkana, AR.

Teaching children in our community life-saving tips

Teaching children in our community life-saving tips

Education is a key part of our disaster outreach programs, and if we can reach our youth, we've done our job. Your support helps us teach kids aged 5 to 17 fire safety tips, including:

  • How to escape a burning building
  • Ways to prevent house fires
  • What to do when your house is on fire

Additionally, we provide adults legal resources to help them recover after a house fire.

Want to help us by volunteering with our disaster outreach program in Texarkana, AR? To learn more, please call 870-293-0735.