Would You Walk a Mile in Someone Else's Shoes?

Find a place to donate shoes for kids in Texarkana, AR

Did you know that an estimated 14% of kids living in Texarkana, AR live in poverty? Unfortunately, this number continues to rise. To assist underprivileged youth, Hands of Compassion developed a community outreach program that provides shoes for kids and teens in the area.

We're working directly with individual sponsors and other organizations to make sure every child has new shoes to wear. To learn how you can get involved, please call 870-293-0735.

Give a child the opportunity to tell their story

Give a child the opportunity to tell their story

Imagine living, playing and going to school in shoes that are worn and torn. As much as we'd like to think children have evolved, bullying is still a real issue. Participating in our community outreach program allows you to give a child in need new, comfortable and protective shoes.

Discover where you can donate new shoes for kids and teens living in the Texarkana, AR area by visiting our Contact Us page.